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Feel your baby's every beat

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baby heartbeat monitor
the smallest fetus monitoring patch
in the world.
Modoo ensures you
a relaxed and memorable pregnancy.
It is the safest high-frequency
fetal monitoring device.
Modoo is completely safe. It abandons ultrasonic parts that have dominated
this field for 60 years. This tiny patch carries our innovative technique- “passive
monitoring” that enables modoo a stethoscope to HEAR baby’s heart sound.
Fetal heart rate:
Modoo enables mothers-to-be to monitor and record baby's heart rate at anytime.
Fetal movements
Modoo automatically counts fetal movements and sets mothers' hands free.
Online consulting solves problems
and alleviates the anxiety of pregnancy.
Modoo connects the app and
hardware making communication
more effective.
Medical cloud platform offers mothers-to-be:
Dedicated doctors:
Professional medical team provides 1-on-1 consulting service based on monitoring data.
One-click consulting:
Just one click, you can consult via online phone call without waiting.
Mother-Fetus health archive:
Digital health data makes
your diagnose traceable,
professional and accurate.
"Customized tasks"
make pregnant life healthier.
Modoo is a source of professional lifestyle advice.
The effective combination of monitoring data and health lifestyle gives mothers-to-be:
Personalised tasks for mothers-to-be:
Based on the health data and records, mothers-to-be will receive customized pregnant
tasks such as yoga and prenatal visits that fit in their current healthy conditions.
makes continuous fetal monitoring feasible and safe.
Modoo uses "passive monitoring" without ultrasonic radiating, which makes continuous and safe fetal monitoring come true.
Without ultrasonic parts, Modoo uses much less components and light battery. So it is small and cute enough to accompany with mothers-to-be every day.
With customized multi-channel and high-sensitivity sensors and our independent research and development- fetal monitoring algorithm, Modoo achieves that monitors fetal heart rate and movement simultaneously.
Several patents have been filed to protect our property. We are professionally protecting your safety every day.
fetal heart rate
materials for
ensuring users' safety
The food-grade
silicone case is soft
and totally compatible
The medical-grade
stainless steel cover
is nature and safe
The 3M medical-grade
silicone paste won't add any
discomfort to your soft skin